Why you should hire Tom Kelly to represent you:

An Experienced Trial Lawyer

I have practiced in Chicago and in all the counties in Southwestern Wisconsin. I know the judges and prosecutors, as well as most of the lawyers. I have found that now is the best time of my legal career in the sense of getting results for my clients. Now that my contemporaries are on the bench, I am getting more respect and seeing calls go my way more than ever before.

Litigation is like a poker game, any lawyer can win with a winning hand, but each of us must play the cards we are dealt. It takes an experienced trial lawyer to know when to hold and when to fold. Sometimes a hand improves as the case winds through the system. I know how to make that happen by taking advantage of weaknesses I discover in the other side’s case. Many cases are not what they first appear from reading complaints and police reports. Many times I have been able to exploit these weaknesses to my client’s advantage in the plea bargaining process or, if necessary, in motions or jury trials. I know what juries need to find reasonable doubt in criminal cases or to find for the plaintiff in civil cases.

Many people feel they need to hire a “Big City” lawyer to represent them in a rural county because the judges and prosecutors will be somehow intimidated by that attorney’s well-advertised reputation. Most judges and prosecutors will deny that these lawyers get any better results than a local lawyer who has their respect as a person and a professional. When someone calls me to represent them in a county where I do not regularly practice, I generally tell them they can probably get as good, if not better, result from a good local lawyer who knows the prosecutor and judge, for less money than I would need to charge to justify the travel involved.

Recent Decisions: 

2013: Richland County. Felony Battery reduced to misdemeanor. No jail, probation with expungement of record.

2012: Richland County. Possession of child pornography. Dismissed sexual intercourse with minor. Misdemeanor. Probation. No jail. No sex-offender registration.

2012: Sauk County. Obtained ruling that 1992 OWI (2nd Conviction) was unconstitutional.

2011: Green County. Obtained ruling that 1996 3rd OWI conviction was unconstitutional.

2010: Sauk County Jury Trial. Sexual Assault. Not Guilty, Jury Verdict.

2010: Sauk County Jury Trial. Sexual Assault. Not Guilty, Jury Verdict.

2009: Grant County OWI 3rd Offense Reduced to 1st Offense OWI.

2009: Columbia County OWI 5th Offense Dismissed.

2008: Iowa County Sexual Assault Jury Trial. Not Guilty All Counts.

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